Accessibility Information for ASSETS 2020 Attendees

Welcome! This page provides information about accessibility at the ASSETS 2020 conference. On this page you will learn about:

Accessing ASSETS 2020 Conference Platforms and Materials.

To begin, we recommend that attendees familiarize themselves with the platforms (Zoom and Discord) and materials that we will use at ASSETS 2020.

Platforms for ASSETS 2020

We are using two platforms at ASSETS 2020. Synchronous conference sessions will be hosted on Zoom, whereas asynchronous conference activities including communicating of conference logistics, out-of-session conversations, and social activities will be hosted on Discord.

First, make sure you have the latest versions of Zoom and Discord installed on your preferred device(s).

Next, the following tutorials may help you get started using these platforms. They are biased toward providing information helpful for screen reader users.

As a note, we are using a Discord nickname convention like this one: FirstName_LastName. Several attendees are also including their pronouns and role at ASSETS 2020 such as “Author” or “Organizer” if they have one. Nicknames may be changed by activating the “ACM ASSETS 2020” server button and then activating the “Change Nickname” button.

Materials for ASSETS 2020

We will also reference a variety of materials at ASSETS 2020. We recommend that attendees read the conference Program Schedule, which has a heading denoting each day of the conference, and review the resource document sent to you in your ASSETS 2020 welcome email. This resource document, titled ASSETS Materials, is not publicly available. If you cannot access it, please contact an Accessibility Chair via one of the methods below. This resource document has links to publications, videos, slides, and associated Discord channels. Each conference publication is denoted by a heading in the resource document.

Each ASSETS 2020 publication also has a dedicated Discord channel for text chats about the publication. Links to these Discord channels are located in the program schedule and resources document, which was linked above. The dedicated channel corresponding with each publication has the same name as the publication’s title. Channels on a Discord server are placed into categories, and publication channels can be found under some specific categories. They include categories named after sessions 0 through 10; these channel names begin with “S” followed by the session number and unique session title. Additionally, publication channels can be found under categories “Posters,” “Experience Reports,” “Demos,” “Doctoral Consortium,” and “Student Research Competition.”

Finally, most synchronous sessions will allocate time for Q&A. We will source questions in a variety of ways including from the Discord text channels corresponding with the session, from the Zoom Q&A functionality, and by attendees using the “raise hand” feature on Zoom to ask questions live. If none of our methods for sourcing questions work for you, please get in touch with an Accessibility Chair by using one of the methods listed below and we will help you to figure out the best way to participate in the Q&A.

Sign Language Interpretation and Captioning of ASSETS 2020 Conference Sessions.

All synchronous ASSETS 2020 sessions will be composed of a combination of live announcements, live presentations, pre-recorded captioned videos, live panels, and Q&A. All live components such as announcements, presentations, panels, and Q&A will be captioned and interpreted in American Sign Language, with British Sign Language available during sessions upon request. All pre-recorded contents will also be interpreted when played.

Attendees will be able to see both presenters and interpreters. During video presentations, only the video and live interpreters will be visible on the screen. During panel discussion, the number of presenters (i.e., session chairs, presenters, and interpreters) will be limited to minimally ensure all videos are viewable at once. Unfortunately, it is not possible for attendees to control their own layout or “pin” videos in webinar mode. Interpreters will indicate their role and language in their name on Zoom (e.g., “ASL” or “BSL”). Attendees may learn more about Zoom webinar accessibility from this article.

Captions will be provided through the Zoom interface, so captions will appear overlayed in the Zoom window. Attendees may view captions by selecting the "Show subtitles" option in the Closed Captions menu. Attendees may learn more about how to access captions by reading this tutorial.

Finally, asynchronous conference activities will occur on text-based channels on Discord.

Contacting the ASSETS 2020 Accessibility Chairs

You can contact Accessibility Chairs Cynthia Bennett, Larwan Berke, and Paraskevi Riga by: