Organizing Committee

General Chair

Picture of Tiago Guerreiro

Tiago Guerreiro, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Program Chairs

Picture of Hugo Nicolau

Hugo Nicolau, INESC-ID, Portugal

Picture of Karyn Moffatt

Karyn Moffatt, McGill University, Canada


Picture of Hernisa Kacorri

Hernisa Kacorri, University of Maryland, USA


Picture of André Santos

André Santos, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Picture of Cynthia Bennett

Cynthia Bennett, Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Apple, USA

Picture of Larwan Berke

Larwan Berke, RIT, USA

Picture of Paraskevi Riga

Paraskevi Riga, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Inclusion and Diversity

Picture of Kathryn Ringland

Kathryn Ringland, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Picture of Ozge Subasi

Ozge Subasi, Koc University, Turkey

Posters and Demos Chairs

Picture of Dhruv Jain

Dhruv Jain, University of Washington, USA

Picture of João Guerreiro

João Guerreiro, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Picture of Astrid Weber

Astrid Weber, Google, Zurich

Picture of Garreth Tigwell

Garreth Tigwell, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Picture of Joanathan Lazar

Jonathan Lazar, University of Maryland, USA

Student Research Competition Chairs

Picture of André Rodrigues

André Rodrigues, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Picture of Raja Kushalnagar

Raja Kushalnagar, Gallaudet University, USA

Experience Reports & UX Panel

Picture of Abi Roper

Abi Roper, City UL, UK

Picture of Sergio Mascetii

Sergio Mascetti, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Mentoring Chairs

Picture of Yeliz Yesilada

Yeliz Yesilada, Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus

Publicity Chairs

Picture of Sayan Sarcar

Sayan Sarcar, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Picture of Stephanie Valencia

Stephanie Valencia, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Web and Graphic Design Chair

Picture of Sérgio Alves

Sérgio Alves, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Picture of Swapna Joshi

Swapna Joshi, Indiana University Bloomington, USA

Proceedings Chair

Picture of Cole Gleason

Cole Gleason, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Local Arrangements Chairs

Picture of Alexandros Pino

Alexandros Pino, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece