Conference registration is available from the Registration Site.

Registration Fees

Delegate Type Early Registration (ends September 30) Regular Registration (Oct 1 - Oct 22) Late Registration
ACM Member $100 (USD) $125 (USD) $150 (USD)
Non-ACM Member $125 (USD) $150 (USD) $175 (USD)
Student $50 (USD) $50 (USD) $75 (USD)

One-day registration is $35 (USD) for students and $75 (USD) for ACM/Non-ACM Members.

You may use these direct links, if you prefer:

Up-to-date conversions can be found online at websites such as XE Live Exchange Rates and Exchange Rates.

Please note that the online registration system can only accept payments by credit card or wire transfer.

For alternative means of payment, please email the Treasurer and Registration Chair, Hernisa Kacorri, at

SIGACCESS Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships

To encourage broader participation and reach out to diverse communities that are underrepresented in the accessibility field in research, SIGACCESS is supporting attendance at ASSETS 2020 with a $10.000 fund distributed through the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships.

Attendance Fee Transparency

With ASSETS being virtual this year, we were able to substantially decrease registration fees. Still, there are several costs to sustain a conference that we hope to be exciting, inclusive, and successful.

Costs of the conference include licenses for the conference management system, registration platform, eventual video-conferencing and conference hub platforms, captioning, and sign language interpretation. Registration fees are based on a break-even budget estimate with no ambition for surplus.

Managing submissions and publishing papers online has a significant cost. When moving to an online event some ACM conferences ask at least one of the authors of accepted papers to pay a higher fee compared to the other attendees. We decided against this model; in other professional contexts, presenters are paid for their contribution. At ASSETS, presenters and attendees pay the same fee as they contribute equally to the success of the conference. Differences are only attributed to being a student, being an ACM member, and to the timing of registration.

There is always the chance that the number of attendees is higher than the expected number, and sometimes, this makes the conference profitable. SIGACCESS uses this profit to give back to the community, in several ways. Few examples are: introducing the SIGACCESS Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships, funding workshops on accessibility in other conferences and communities, creating public resources, and covering potential losses in the future conferences.


We encourage you to join SIGACCESS.


If you have comments on ASSETS accessibility, please send them to