ASSETS Submission Templates

Update May 5, 2020: We have become aware of a problem with the Word template (Latex authors are not affected). Authors using MS Word should use the Para style for all body text (i.e., do not use ParaContinue). They should additionally update that style to have a .17” indent on the first line of all paragraphs. Authors should not manually insert indents, add spacing between paragraphs, or otherwise modify the template as doing so may result in additional work to prepare accepted submissions for TAPS processing. Note that while this solution does not result in perfect output (all paragraphs will be indented including the first paragraph of each section), it satisfactorily improves the readability of submissions prepared in MS Word while minimizing downstream difficulty with preparing final camera ready versions. Authors will not be penalized for this divergence from the official styling.

Submissions should be prepared using the single-column submission format. Templates are available for both Microsoft Word and LaTeX (see Step 1 in Workflow and Templates): LaTeX authors should use the manuscript option to create a single-column submission (see sample-manuscript.tex for an example).

Note that we expect ACM will update these templates in the near future and that these updates will enhance accessibility. We encourage authors to wait for the new template (expected: early March 2020); however, we will accept submissions prepared with either template.

Please find the page-length restrictions and other information specifically related to each track on the individual track web pages, which can all be found from the Call for Papers page. Note that ACM provides a table of estimated word counts for various page lengths in section 5 of the workflow linked above.